The spiritual home of game shooting, remains the envy of the sporting world.  Nowhere else will one find the same combination of superb birds and glorious tradition.  Pheasants over wooded valleys, partridges over high hedges, grouse over heather moors.  Gunn Sporting has access to the very best driven bird shooting in England and Wales.  Please see below for our list of estates that will accommodate you for your bespoke shooting break:

Hungerford Park, Berkshire

What: A family run shoot over 1,500 acres of lowland woods and valleys offering 100 - 200 bird days. 

Why: A beautiful estate only an hour from London that has been an established and well respected shoot for many years that continues to be held in the highest regard in local shooting circles. 

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Tittershall, Buckinghamshire

What: Days of 200 - 350 birds, with the addition of limited availability days of 450 birds. 

Why: Traditional partridge shooting together with some excellent testing pheasants at a very reasonable price.

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Clovelly, Devon

What: Driven days of between 200 and 400 birds over a variety of drives, some of which are staggeringly high.  Days are available for full teams or alternatively single guns. 

Why: For breath taking local scenery including drives that border the sea. 

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Great Fulford, Devon

What: A 3,000 acre estate in outstanding pheasant shooting country on the edge of Dartmoor National Park offering days of 150 to 300 bird days. 

Why: Stunning topography catering for all shooting abilities combined with delightful accommodation in the Great Fulford House.

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Charborough, Dorset

What: A limited number of days on this family shoot each year, located around the main house and park over a variety of woodland, farmland and parkland. 

Why: Offering good quality pheasant and partridge shooting in a well organised, traditional but relaxed atmosphere.

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Three Valleys, Dorset

What: The opportunity to enjoy a family feel day with some of the best birds in Dorset. 

Why: The high hills, unique character and experience of the team have produced an opportunity to experience fantastically high and fast birds.

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Brimpsfield Park, Gloucestershire

What: Located between Cirencester and Cheltenham, Brimpsfield offers world class driven pheasant and partridge in the lap of the Cotswolds.  

Why: Spectacular scenery, excellent bird husbandry and valleys to die for make the day unforgettable. 

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Bossington Estate, Hampshire

What: Varied drives of both partridge and pheasant presented from cover crop, plantations and woodland.  

Why: The shoot is run in a relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on teams enjoying the sport and hospitality in equal measure.  

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The Blowingstone and Punch Bowl, Oxfordshire

What: Set on the Downs below the Ridgeway trail in Oxfordshire, offering bags of 150 - 300 partridge and pheasant. 

Why: Offering spectacular wide valleys and steep banks that make for the very best in driven shooting. 

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Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

What: Over 60 established drives of pheasant, partridge and duck reared on the estate, that suit all abilities. 

Why: Stay at the castle and choose from magnificent state bedrooms, dine in the Duke and Duchess's private quarters or through a banquet for your shoot party.  

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Eynsham Park, Oxfordshire

What: Situated on the edge of the Cotswolds offering pheasant and partridge days with bags of 200 - 250 birds. 

Why: Over 3,000 acres of farm land, park land and woodland in the gentle rolling Oxfordshire countryside.

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The Gaer, Powys

What: A stunning shoot offering 15 challenging pheasant and partridge drives, amongst them North Face, Hanginwood and Chicken Run. 

Why: A day in a prime Welsh valley followed by a sumptuous lunch by the fire in The Grange. 

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Kempton, Shropshire

What: An Iron Age Burrow lying just inside the English border offering undulating valleys and panoramic views of the English and Welsh countryside.

Why: Synonymous with traditional Shropshire pheasants with hospitality to match; regularly featured as one of the top shoots in the UK.

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Leaton Knolls and The Gatten, Shropshire


What: A 1,500 acre estate offering days of 100 to 300 pheasant and partridge.  

Why: A fantastic mixture of woodlands that snake along the steep banks of the River Severn.

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Willey Park, Shropshire

What: Quality pheasant, duck and partridge, as well as wild mallard and teal. 

Why: 2,000 acres of lush parkland with many well placed woods providing sensational birds in awe inspiring surroundings.

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