Firearms in Ireland

In order to bring your firearms into the Republic of Ireland you need to obtain a visitors pass from An Garda. 

The below advice is relevant to helping you obtain this in the quickest and easiest way: 

1. European Residents to which European Firearms Pass (E.F.P) is available must obtain this as the original copy is required for the visitors pass. There is no fee or form, but may take up to 14 days via your Firearms Licensing Authority, more information is available here.

2. This 'Firearms Application Form - Non Resident', must be completed, with the following:

  • The original copy of you E.F.P form (see above)
  • A €40 fee

This must be sent to the Superintendent of the Garda Síochána (Police) of the district where the firearm will first be used (contact details can be found online). This must be sent at least 6 weeks before you arrival to allow for processing. 

3. If you are Deer Hunting, you will also require a 'Deer Hunting License', from here, or via  (01)888 3242, 

If you require any assistance with any of the above or have any questions, please contact us.