The five main quarry species to experience on a days shooting consist of pheasant, partridge, woodcock, snipe and duck.  Our estates offer excellent high quality testing pheasant shooting, providing days for varying team sizes, allowing us to tailor days to suit your exact requirements.


The spiritual home of game shooting, remains the envy of the sporting world.  Nowhere else will one find the same combination of superb birds and glorious tradition.  Pheasants over wooded valleys, partridges over high hedges, grouse over heather moors.  Gunn Sporting has access to the very best driven bird shooting in England and Wales.  

Grouse Shooting Scotland


Birthplace of the fabled 'Macnab', Scotland is steeped in sporting tradition.  Always providing a thrilling test of skill, the spectacular scenery and surroundings make Scotland the destination of choice for the ultimate sporting experience.  Gunn Sporting offers some of the best shooting, stalking and fishing on our superb handpicked estates.  

Shooting Coollattin


Head west across to Ireland for the best duck, snipe and woodcock shooting.  Always memorable, the sport is interesting and varied, and the unique Irish hospitality second to none.  Gunn Sporting cut its teeth hosting sporting breaks here and the Emerald Isle remains the jewel in the sporting crown. 

Simulated Clay


Enjoy the excitement of a game day off season (February - August).  Simulated Game is the perfect way to entertain guests and clients whilst warming up for the season ahead with some competitive trigger time.  Challenging targets are produced, from exciting simulated woodcock and snipe to more traditional driven drives of pheasant, partridge an grouse.

We also offer trips to Europe and further afield, please get in touch for more information.