Gunn Sporting offers short breaks in Ireland and the UK at a number of the estates we represent. Corporate events, stag parties, hen parties and private groups can experience the fantastic hospitality at our estates. A simulated game day runs in the same way as a driven day but substitutes birds with clay pigeons. The clays are launched by hidden traps and simulate different sporting birds. The day can be tailored to the ability and experience of the line and teams are guaranteed to shoot at hundreds of clays throughout at a fraction of the cost of driven shooting. 

Great Fulford Clay Simulated Shooting

Great Fulford, Devon

What: A 3,000 acre estate offering exhilarating 4,000 target days making for some excellent out of season sport.

Why: Stunning surroundings and hospitality with the option of  delightful accommodation in the Great Fulford House.

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Baronscourt, County Tyrone

WhatA 2,000 acre estate situated in the foothills of the Sperrin mountains.

Why: One of the oldest and finest shoots in Northern Ireland. 

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